Minimizing our environmental footprint


As the Spliethoff Group, we are taking our responsibility for reduction of our environmental footprint very seriously. Building a future of sustainable transportation is a big challenge, but one we look forward to meeting in close collaboration with our customers and partners. Within our ISO14001 certified environmental management plan, we focus on reducing the emissions from our vessels regarding to CO2, NOx, SOx, energy efficiency and waste management.

But the health and welfare our crews are also crucial aspects of what we see as sustainable transport. Training our crews in sustainability, therefore also has a large focus, as we set out to achieve our goals.

Performance monitoring system

Another important aspect of our efforts towards reducing our environmental footprint is our performance monitoring system. As part of that system we have applied IoT technology to our fleet in order to collect all the data needed to optimize the operational performance and energy efficiency of our fleet. The knowledge gained from this system is then used towards training our crew and office staff, in order to continuously improve our operations. Advanced weather routing tools are also available on board and in our offices ashore, to ensure safe and fuel efficient voyages.

Energy efficient vessel design

In our newbuild program, energy efficient vessel design has high priority and a continuous program of testing and evaluating new technologies to reduce CO2, NOx, SOx and ballast water emissions has been implemented. Over the last years, wind assisted propulsion systems have been tested and are currently used on board. Also, large investments in exhaust gas cleaning systems and ballast water treatment systems have previously been made. Additionally, much research is done on alternative and sustainable fuels and on applying these whenever permitting.

The balance of being able to deliver highly efficient operations for our customers and the application of new technologies is very important for us and is our collaboration with our customers, therefore crucial for building the sustainable future we envision.

In our Sustainability Report, you can follow our efforts and endeavours towards a sustainable future. Follow this link to see our latest edition and to subscribe to our mailing list:


Safety is top priority


Safety is paramount within the Spliethoff Group, both for our employees on board and ashore.

We have implemented international (ISM Code), national (ARBO) and the latest industry safety standards, so we can guarantee safe operations on board of our vessels. Training is provided to raise safety awareness and to familiarize our co-workers with new techniques and the latest technologies. Extensive programs on risk assessments, incident reporting and investigation have been established.

Less emissions to the air - scrubbers

Spliethoff strives to reduction of the fleet’s SOx and soot (PM) emissions. The majority of the fleet is equipped with scrubbers (exhaust gas cleaning system). The scrubber is a device that washes sulphur and other substances out of the engines exhaust gasses.

For more information, view our short animation on scrubber technology and our considerations for choosing this technology.