Bore has a solid foundation in the shipping industry. Our values reflect our long-standing traditions that go back to 1897.

Today, Bore's mission is to be a corner stone in developing our customers' business, whichever their field or line of trade. To be Your Partner in Shipping - to all  our charterers.

Either under Finnish or Dutch flag, Bore currently manages and operates several RoRo and RoFlex vessels as well as three LNG powered RoLo vessels – all maintained according to the highest of standards and have either ice class 1A or 1A Super qualifications. 

Bore promotes high safety awareness, with a sharp focus on sustainable shipping with proven competence and customer satisfaction in vessel performance. Our fleet can offer flexible cargo handling and is manned with a motivated and highly competent crew, to ensure an excellent partnership with our customers. Together, we always find and develop the most suitable Shortsea Shipping solution.

At Bore, we emphasize the importance of an eco-friendly approach in innovative transport solutions with fuel efficiency and conscientious shipping. Bore Ltd is certified as an ISO 14001 Environmental Standard compliant company.

With the future in mind, Bore is constantly progressing into becoming part of a new generation in sustainable shipping. As an innovative and trusted RoRo Tonnage Provider, Bore offers the most sustainable and economical transport solutions.

Your partner in shipping
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FI-00120 Helsinki

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