Shortsea Services

Shortsea specialist Wijnne Barends – founded in 1855 making it one of the oldest shipping companies of the Netherlands – operates a fleet of 35 multipurpose shortsea vessels, including affiliated captain-owned vessels, varying in size from 80 – 115 metres long. Wijnne Barends mostly serves Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Western Europe, the White and Black Seas and the Mediterranean.

Wijnne Barends’ in-house expertise covers a broad range of commodities, including sawn timber, peat moss, steel products, fertilizers, grains, wood pulp, biomass products and (recycled) woodchips. The high cubic vessels are well equipped for project cargo and the sea-river vessels regularly operate to Duisburg, Paris, Lake Vänern and many tidal ports along the French and British coasts.


For clients requiring much larger ships, Transfennica’s Ro-Ro vessels also offer shortsea possibilities. For many years Transfennica has been connecting the Baltic region with the Benelux, UK, Spain, Portugal and Germany. The Benelux is especially well served via Antwerp, with multiple sailings a week provided. Spain and Portugal are also well connected to our North European network with fixed capacity via rail and shortsea routes.