Spliethoff Group

The Amsterdam-based Spliethoff Group plays a leading role in the worldwide transportation of project cargo, heavy lifts, general cargo and yachts. It manages a large and modern fleet of over 100 multi-purpose, heavy lift (lifting capacities of up to 1,800 mt) and tweendecker vessels ranging in size from 2,100 to 23,000 tons. The vessels have Ice Class Swedish/Finnish 1A up to Super 1A and all of them sail under the Dutch flag.

Spliethoff Group is one of the largest ship management companies in the Netherlands. The group consists of Spliethoff’s Bevrachtingskantoor (Spliethoff), BigLift Shipping, Sevenstar Yacht Transport, Wijnne Barends and Transfennica.




Spliethoff is the group’s dry cargo specialist and was established in 1921.

Spliethoff operates a fleet of about 50 modern, ice-classed, dry cargo multi-purpose vessels, ranging from 12,000 to 23,000 DWT. All vessels are equipped with tween decks and cargo cranes with capacities up to 360 tonnes. The S-type vessels are equipped with side loaders, enabling rapid and weather independent cargo operations of e.g. paper and various palletised cargoes.

Highly trained personnel in our global office network, on board the ships and in ports all over the world are dedicated to maintaining high standards.

Spliethoff - Head Office
Radarweg 36
1042 AA Amsterdam

+31 20 448 8400

Visit our website: www.spliethoff.com

Sevenstar Yacht Transport

Sevenstar Yacht Transport is the world's leading provider of yacht transportation services on a lift-on-lift-off base. Offices all around the world, a global network of destinations ranging from the familiar to the exotic and its own fleet of over 100 vessels have propelled the company to the peak of its sector in just more than 25 years.

Innovation has been the key to Sevenstar’s success, including the development of new loading methods and adaptable shipping cradles. Today, the company arranges the transport of motor and sailing yachts up to 60 metres in length and 650 metric tonnes

Sevenstar Yacht Transport - Head Office
Radarweg 36
1042 AA Amsterdam

+31 20 448 8400

Biglift Shipping

Biglift Shipping is one of the world’s leading heavy lift shipping companies, specialized in worldwide ocean transportation of heavy lift and project cargoes, with a history dating back to 1973. BigLift strives for innovation, excellence and operational reliability, adhering to high QHSE standards and operating to strict time schedules.

A great variety of heavy and over-sized cargoes for long-standing clients in the oil and gas, mining and power generating industries, is carried worldwide by its modern fleet of 14 specially built heavy lift vessels. The vessels of our fleet have lifting capacities of up to 1,800 mt and will be joined by a further specialised heavy lift carrier in 2014.

BigLift shipping - Head Office
Radarweg 36
1042 AA Amsterdam

+31 20 448 8400

Visit our website: www.bigliftshipping.com

Wijnne Barends

Founded in 1855, Wijnne Barends is one of the world’s oldest shipping companies. Based in Delfzijl, Wijnne Barends is a dynamic and flexible company that offers all disciplines to companies requesting or offering cargo.

The company supports its own fleet and affiliated captain owners by offering chartering services, technical management and crewing. Its key activities are maritime management and chartering (dry cargo and bulk transport, timber and steel products). The company serves mostly Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Western Europe, the White and Black Seas and the Mediterranean, making it the short-sea specialist within the Spliethoff Group.

Wijnne Barends - Head Office
Handelskade Oost 5
9934 AR Delfzijl

P.O. Box
123, 9930 AC Delfzijl

+31 596 637 777

Visit our website: www.wijnnebarends.com


Transfennica established in 1976, is a European shipping company offering fast scheduled liner services. Our fleet comprises 15 advanced, modern, highly ice-strengthened multi-purpose Ro-Ro vessels, providing the shortest transit times with fixed timetables in both Northbound and Southbound shipments between Belgium, Estonia, Germany, Poland, Spain, the UK, Russia and several Finnish ports.

Our advantage lies in fast lead-times coupled with extensive information technology back-up, including fast cargo handling, flexibility and safety. Our aim is to offer efficient services in order to support our customers in value-added logistics.

Transfennica - Head Office
Radarweg 36
1042 AA Amsterdam

+31 20 448 8400

Visit our website: www.transfennica.com


Bore is a modern, international shipping company with long traditions dating back to 1897, offering safe and efficient transport solutions for industrial customers. Bore manages and have 9 RoRo vessels – RoFlex, RoRo and Car Carrier –on time charter to its customers. All vessels are highly maintained and have either ice class 1A or 1A Super.

Bore promotes high safety awareness with focus on sustainable shipping with proven competence and customer satisfaction in vessel performance. The fleet can offer flexible cargo handling and is manned with a motivated and competent crew to ensure an excellent partnership with our customers. Bore emphasizes the importance of an eco-friendly approach in innovative transport solutions with fuel efficiency and conscientious shipping. With the future in mind, Bore is constantly progressing towards a new generation in sustainable shipping.

As an innovative and trustworthy partner for your shipping requirements, Bore offers sustainable and economical transport solutions.

Bore - Head Office
Bulevardi 46
00120 Helsinki

+358 9 1326 300

Visit our website: www.bore.eu